Demand colour-blind state care for kids

Should a child ever be taken out of a safe, loving foster home?

What if the Government did it because the child’s foster parents were the ‘wrong’ race?

Could this happen in New Zealand? It’s happening right now.

Labour says it honours the Treaty of Waitangi. Labour made ‘section 7AA’ part of the law that governs Oranga Tamariki (formerly Child, Youth and Family).

Section 7AA says Oranga Tamariki must honour the Treaty.
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It has led to heartbreaking cases where Māori children have been taken out of safe and loving Pakeha foster homes where they’ve lived for years.

I wish this wasn’t happening in our country, but it is.

Join my campaign to remove section 7AA.
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to repeal 7AA
Oranga Tamariki should only look out for the best interests of children, not worry about honouring the Treaty.

- Karen Chhour MP
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to repeal 7AA
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ACT will continue to demand colour-blind state care for kids.
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